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Exercise is medicine for everyone, but even more so for those with PD. Personalised exercise programmes address your unique symptoms & improve confidence.

About me

My name is Janette Dunridge and I am a REPS registered and insured Personal Trainer based in Holt, North Norfolk. I am dedicated to providing exercise programmes solely to clients with Parkinson's.

More and more research is showing that exercise plays a vital part in the delaying of both motor and non motor symptoms of PD. Establishing early exercise habits is vital for management of symptoms.

I have developed my knowledge and understanding of Parkinson's Disease over recent years to form a bank of exercises based on many different genres which challenge physical and cognitive ability, give variety and enjoyment and which, research has shown, have the best effect on delaying the varied symptoms of the condition.

I believe the best way to combat symptoms is to create a personalised plan which is unique to the client. This often means cognitive or thinking exercises, dexterity skill improvement, facial muscle exercises for masked face and breathing exercises for improved posture and digestion.

I also understand the team approach which is necessary and I welcome and encourage joining up with the many service providers such as GP's, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, consultants, neurologists, speech and language therapists, Parkinson's nurses and social workers to give a patient centred approach to your health, fitness and well being. I also encourage partners, family, friends and carers to take an active roll in encouraging and supporting you at home with exercise.

I welcome enquiries from all clients in any stages of Parkinson's or Young Onset Parkinson's.

Janette Dunridge


Here are some exercises for Parkinson's to download


A 20 minute workout for Parkinson's 

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Stand Tall Posture Check Exercise

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The Exercise Hour as broadcast on Shaky Radio

The Exersise Hour with Janette Dunridge 


Posture Check 

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Stay at home Exercises

During this Period where we are asked to stay at home we offer these video's of exercises you can do at home.

Tai Chi Level 1

Tai Chi Level 2

Seated Tai Chi

Posture Check with Janette Dunridge 

More Realistic Exercise