Here You Can Find Information On All Those Who Volunteer On Shaky Radio

Dean G Parsons

I moved to Suffolk from London in 2007 with my Partner and our dog, at that time. Funnily enough, it was only after moving to Suffolk, from London, that I started researching my family tree and found a long family line originating from here. It somehow feels like I have ‘come home’.

I was born and raised in west London but I am lucky to have had some experience of life abroad; living with my parents in Italy and South Africa for a time in my early childhood and, subsequently, travelling to many far flung parts of the world. Travel has enriched my life and my view of things.

My childhood was a mixed bag of wonderful fun times that were then shaken by the deaths of a number of close family members due to Leukaemia, Brain Hemorrhage and a number of Cancers. My father was a Stunt-Man, Stunt-Choreographer, Stunt Special Effects Choreographer and occasional Actor in the film and television industry. When I was 30 years old, I lost my father to Cancer. These very human experiences have influenced my career and my desire to support people through personal difficulty.

I have always enjoyed writing and this has grown into a professional aspect of my life. I am in the process of writing a number of projects.

Rob Keane

I've always tended to live in my own little bubble and that's what Rob's World is all about...

it's my own world of music..I listen to it all the time...its my lifeblood...

Hello I'm Rob Keene and Rob's World is my concept of what a radio show should be..

Ive had parkinson's for over 35 years but it doesn't stop me listening to the music I love.

Janette Dunridge
Exercise is medicine for everyone, but even more so for those with PD. Personalised exercise programmes address your unique symptoms & improve confidence.

Tony Da
Under Construction

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Tanya Lesstrange
Mother/Wife/Exercise Enthusiast/Biker Chick/incurable optimist/Parkinson’s Warrior.

When she is not working on her podcast you can find Tanya at the gym lifting heavy things, at the dog park with her Brittany dog, Rosie (the naughtiest dog ever) or strumming her ukulele and singing badly.

Julie Walker & Andy Johnson
I am Andy Johnson, I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s fourteen years ago, aged 49yrs.

I have undergone Deep Brain Stimulation surgery twice in four years, with mixed results. The left side electrode was implanted 1mm out of place during the first operation. It took eighteen months to realise this, subsequently it all had to be removed and re-installed in September 2017.

I then contracted Sepsis in my chest where the battery is located, so I had to have the battery removed for six months, and be free of infection for six months. The system was finally switched on in May 2018, and is working correctly. Because my left and right sides are so asymmetric the programming does not fully work properly, I still get balance problems and dyskinesia. However, daily life would be very much more difficult to contend with had I not the treatment.

I try to maintain a positive attitude, I accept it is not always easy. Everything is relative, but there are worse things than Parkinson’s.

In October 2016, I released an album to spread awareness of living with this disease.

I am pictured with my partner Julie Walker, together we are a formidable force in spreading awareness of Parkinson’s

John Scotter

One 3am and Shaky Radio was born as an idea. Now some 6 moths later we have a team of volunteers who contribute programming idea and skills. Next step is Charitable Status!

I have been in the backgrowned of a number of radio based projects throughout my life. Prsenting the odd show now I hope PD willing to have a regular show on Shaky Radio.

Ian Scarrett (DJ Scazza)

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Julie Walker
I was diagnosed at 44 in 2012 with young onset Parkinson's disease (YOPD).
Today, seven years diagnosed, I try to remain positive and concentrate on what I can do, rather than dwelling on what I can’t.

In January 2017 I invented a word; Parkinality; Parkin(sons) (person)ality. I started a website about living with YOPD,, which has links to all parkinality projects .

My latest project is as a contributor to Shaky radio, reading poetry and talking about my PD life.

Since 2017 I have a blog, YouTube channel, Facebook page, and a monthly column in the Bishop’s Stortford Independent Newspaper, along with various interviews.
Andy Johnson and I have co-written a play, ‘These Three Words’ which reached the final of a local playwright competition. It highlights the effect a diagnosis has on friends and family.

I am also writing my second poetry book. The first, The Parkinality Poetry Book was published in July 2019.
This first book has a subtle message, hoping it will appeal beyond the Parkinson's community.
I write and perform at local festivals and open mic nights. 30% of monies from royalties earned going to The Cure Parkinson’s Trust.

I cannot cure PD, but I can raise awareness, to create more understanding and highlight the urgent need for a cure.

David Sangster
It doesn’t matter who or where you are, how bad things may appear and how lonely it can be in the middle of the night as you battle Parkinson’s and it’s array of symptoms... there exists a community of night owls and so that’s my audience. Where words fail, music speaks... so join me every Friday at Midnight for The Late Show on Shaky Radio!