Shaky Radio Needs your Help

Shaky Radio needs your help.

We are a registered company with companies house for charitable purpose of providing a service to the Parkinson’s community. This includes two websites a Facebook page, Facebook group and Instagram and Twitter pages.

We have a 24 hour 365 day internet Radio stream of entertainment which is available to the Parkinson’s community to use for information and promotions free of charge. Our website and social media is also available as an outlet to groups and the general Parkinson’s community. All this is provided as a charity company.

As you can imagine it costs a lot to provide this service. There are costs each month of the stream provider for the internet radio. The website hosting and website name. We have to have two music licences just to play any music. We have computers and studio equipment that need to be maintained and kept updated. All this is provided to the Parkinson’s community free of charge.

We need your help in maintaining this service and developing a strong awareness of Parkinson’s and our continued fight of a drive towards a cure.
We run entirely on donations and rely on the kind support of the community we support.
Please help us continue this unique service by kindly making a donation now.
We are eternally grateful for any donations of any amount.

We thank you for your kind support.