How Shaky Works

This is a brief Technical overview of the Shaky Radio operations.

Core Operations

The Internet is provided by Plusnet via a BT landline using the Plusnet Fibre Plus.  This gives here in Halkirk an average of 27mbps download and 6mbps upload using a Hub 1 router. 

The computer running Shaky is a HP Pavillion running Windows 10 Home.  With a Sony i5 laptop as backup

The Playout System is the Spacial Sam Broadcaster Pro 2020.4
Backup is Radio Boss.

Audio prcessing is provided by Stereo Tool and configuired to our own settings. ( Opotomised for mobile listening)

Audio Routing is provided by Voicemeeter Potatoe 

Encoding to the Internet is via Sam Broadcaster Pro
Citrus3 128khz 44.1 Shoutcast
Zeno.FM 192kbps 44.1 Shoutcast 
Hearthis 192kbps 44.1 Icecast


For security reason we operate a prerecorded only from our programme suppliers.  

Remote off site broadcast are posible via a high securty broadcast system.